Monday, December 24, 2012

2012 Holiday Treats and Sweets Roundup

Tomorrow is Christmas. I honestly can’t believe how fast this day came. I had so many ideas of goodies to share with you, but I couldn’t bake fast enough. I still have a few recipes to share with you for any leftover eggnog you may have lying around in the fridge and some cute cookies you can bring for a New Years party. I also have a stack of papers with other recipes I need to bake and share before I go back to school in January, hopefully these things will get done. I like sharing recipes with y’all.

So because I’m a little scatter-brained at the moment, I'm giving you a few recipes I think would be perfect for Christmas treats. If you haven't decided what will go on your Christmas dessert table, hopefully you'll find a little nibble you like here. 

First up are these Whole Wheat Donuts. These are so soft and way too easy to make. One batch of six donuts will take you less than 30 minutes from start to finish. With a little sprinkling of powdered sugar, these will be the perfect start to your Christmas morning.

These Chocolate Chip Scones are a little more sophisticated. The chocolate chips are perfectly sweet in comparison to the soft and tender bread. The only thing that makes these scones even more amazing is the peanut butter glaze that goes on top. If I could, I would eat a bowl of that glaze with a spoon, it’s really that good.

There’s a cookie Santa will not be expecting. These are Chocolate-Studded Cookie Bars and they are amazing! The recipe calls for dark brown sugar, which makes these irresistibly dark, gooey, and chewy. Make sure to pair this with an extra tall glass of milk.

This Cinnamon Roll Rice Krispie Treat is seriously the easiest thing you will ever make. These are soft, chewy, and perfect for those you want a little crunchy sweet treat. Oh, and you better not leave that cream cheese frosting off either.

I personally think pumpkin shouldn’t be used after November 30th, but some people can’t get enough of pumpkin, so I present you the BEST pumpkin bread/cake you will have in your life. I made this back in October for the Cake Slice Bakers and I loved it so much I made another three batches within the same month. I’m sure your family will be eternally grateful if this cake is on the dessert table after a good Christmas dinner.

Here is a little more traditional Christmas dessert. This is the Shoo-Fly Cake; it doesn’t sound like a Christmas dessert, but the molasses and spices added remind me of gingerbread cake. It’s soft, delectable, and the aroma of this cake in the oven will make your house smell like the holidays.

These Bakery Style m&m Cookies have quickly become my favorite. The dark brown sugar lends a dark and chewy cookie. The milk chocolate is a perfect match and because m&m comes out with so many different holiday colors, these cookies can quickly go from a fall-themed cookie to a Christmas cookie perfect for Santa to munch on after leaving presents underneath the tree.

When I saw the Molasses Cookies with Ginger Cream CheeseFilling on The Pastry Affair, I knew I had to make them. I’m so glad I made these this year because they have become my favorite Christmas treat. The cookies are perfectly soft and tender and the ginger cream cheese filling is so delicious you’ll want to eat it out of the bowl.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little roundup. Have a very merry Christmas!

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  1. Even though the holiday season is almost over, getting to learn all these sweets is a great way to get ideas for the next occasion. It's going to be a lot festive with the complete experience on our feasts.


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