Wednesday, September 5, 2012

2nd Blogiversary Celebrated with some Fantastic Treats

I’m honestly at a loss for words. I can’t believe I’m trying to type this post at this very minute because my brain is seriously mush. I physically feel weak and it’s not a good feeling. This my friend is what college calculus does to people.

I like math, I do. That is I like math when it clicks. I’m more of a pattern person. When I discover a pattern, I roll along with it. However, I probably wouldn’t be having so much trouble if my teacher taught what was going to be in the homework. My professor is a good teacher, he just doesn’t teach what will be on the homework. So I’m left stting here rubbing my temples and just feeling like mush.

I don’t want to feel like mush. You know why? Well yeah feeling like mush isn’t all that fun, but today should be celebrated. On September 5, 2010 this blog was born. Yes, today is my little blog’s 2nd birthday. It’s amazing how the time flies.

Sadly I do not have a new scrumptiously yummy treat to share with you today because life has gotten in the way. I have baked (some) but nothing blog-worthy. I was going to throw my hands in the air and post about some ok-ish cookies, but I know Cookie Jar Treats deserves better, so I will wait. So I’m giving you all who read this blog and IOU and a few of my favorite treats from the past year. Enjoy.

So yes, these are some of my favorite recipes from the past year. You'll notice there are some pumpkin recipes to get your fall baking on. I'd also like to ask y'all to help me out. You see I have no idea what to bake since I've just been sitting here doing college work and when I'm not doing that I'm just favoriting and pinning things (interest account: rblooney if you're interested). I'm getting so caught up that I'm having trouble deciding what to bake. I want you guys to be interesting in the things I bake, so I'm asking for your input. Chose one of the five from below (or if you don't see something you like, add your own)

1. Homemade Oreos
2. Peanut Butter and Jelly Bars
3. Peanut Butter Granola
4. Pancakes (I've got a slew of pancake recipes I'm dying to try)
5. Whoopie Pie (feel free to suggest flavors)


  1. So many delicious ways to celebrate! Congrats and happy blogiversary!

  2. Woo hoo Becca!!! Happy Blogiversary! I'd be happy to make all these treats and bring them to you and we can all celebrate this momentous occasion.

    As for math, Charming is dealing with this in middle school. Thank god for YouTube and several apps on the iPad that are worth their weight in gold. We find a lot of the lessons online, there are so many videos to help with match. Check it out and good luck!!

  3. I'm really late but happy 2nd blogiversary! YAY! :D

    And I'm sorry about the brain mush. That's me most of the time. In a fog. I hope we can both overcome it and math? Ugh. Least favorite topic ever. I went from honors math to getting 70s and 80s in high school because I didn't get it, even with tutoring. Then in college I got the teacher's manual for the textbook off of eBay, and it showed you how to do each exercise. Like every single step. Got an A that semester. I highly recommend the teacher's manual... :)


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