Saturday, December 10, 2011

Frozen Computers and Cute Penguin Cookies

As you may have noticed, it has been a while since I last updated the blog. The reason being is that my computer decided to freeze (probably due to the 2 degree weather we’ve been having) and it just plumb quit on me. Now, my family has two computers, but only one has a slot to put a camera disk in it, weird, I know. So because I can’t upload any pictures, I’m not going to update the blog because I feel that pictures are just as important as the recipe itself.

So to keep you entertained, here is a picture of the cutest cookie ever!

picture from Glorious Treats

I was browsing through Foodgawker and found them and they are just too cute! I totally wish I had artistic skills so I could make them myself, but alas, I do not posses any. Instead, I will just stare at the cookies in all of their cuteness.


  1. Those cookies are the cutest things ever! I think it's crazy what people can do what royal icing. I just can't get over the taste. It's like eating pure sugar.

    Good luck with your computer situation! Nice that you thought of your readers and gave us a link instead of a pictureless post. :)

  2. Those are way too cute. Not sure I would have the patience to make these either, haha. But I would eat them for sure! :)

  3. The cookies are really cute!
    Hope you get the computer problem sorted out soon!


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