Monday, November 26, 2012

Bakery Style m&m Cookies

I initially made these so I could post them for the 9th week of Christmas Treats; however, life and Thanksgiving got in the way. By the way I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Did you go shopping on Friday? I did for the very first time…. Never again will I do that. It was complete madness, especially at the shoe department. Women are vicious; I already knew that, but seeing it first hand is terrifying.

Ok, sidetrack over, like I was saying. I had some leftover fall themed m&ms from the marshmallow popcorn balls I made a few weeks ago and since I don’t eat candy straight, I decided to put them to good use and put them into something I love: cookies!

I am still searching for the perfect chocolate chip cookie, but as for m&m cookies, I think I have found the perfect recipe.

These cookies are super duper soft and gooey and totally delicious when taken out of the oven. There is twice as much brown sugar in these babies as there is regular white sugar, which gives the cookies the most amazing caramely-dark flavor. Plus with two whole teaspoons of vanilla in the dough, you wont be missing that subtle sweetness.

I’ve also found I’m really liking milk chocolate in my cookies. Don’t take me wrong, I still love my dark chocolate, but I think milk chocolate adds a little something extra. Weird, most people say that about dark chocolate.

Have a great rest of your week. Mine will be totally hectic as it’s the last full week before finals. Yeah that’s right finals are a commin’. So wish me luck please. I’m going to need it for calculus and chemistry.

Bakery Style m&m Cookies
Makes about 3 ½ dozen

2 cups + 2 tbsp. unbleached all-purpose flour
½ tsp. baking soda
½ tsp. salt
12 tbsp. (1 ½ sticks) unsalted butter, melted
1 cup brown sugar
½ cup sugar
1 egg + 1 egg yolk, room temperature
2 tsp. pure vanilla extract
½ cup m&ms

Preheat the oven to 325 F. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper and set aside.

In a medium bowl, whisk together the flour, baking soda, and salt; set aside. In a large bowl, whisk together the melted butter and both sugars until smooth. Beat in the egg and egg yolk until they have fully been incorporated and the volume has increased a little. Stir in the vanilla. Gentle fold the flour mixture into the wet ingredients. The dough will look a lot like batter at first, but be patient; cookie dough will form once all the flour has been added. Stir the m&ms into the dough.

Use a small-medium cookie scoop (mine is about one or one and a half tbsp. worth) to portion out the dough. Space the dough about two inches apart. Bake in the center rack for 8-10 minutes or until just golden brown around the edges. Allow to cool on the sheet for a few minutes before transferring to a cooling rack to cool completely… or eat them straight off the tray.


  1. Good luck with finals! M&M cookies are one of my all time favorites. Love your cookie recipes. My brother and I have a cookie recipe website ( where we are hosting a cookie recipe contest with some great prizes. We would love to have you enter a favorite cookie recipe for a chance to win.


  2. The cookies look really nice. I like the idea of the extra brown sugar.


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